Ms. Varian

Welcome to Ms. Varian's classroom!

All rules concerning eating food while in class are no longer in effect =)

Feel free to drink and eat what your parents allow in their home! If you or your parent need facetime in the evening, please schedule with me. I know many parents work during the day.

We will use Google classroom as our learning space. Please log-in to the classroom code for your assigned class period.

Google Classroom:

Math Nations Bloodhounds (Geometry): gnzm2mr

Pre-Algebra: iggsqti

Office hours: Monday through Friday

10 to 11:30am ~ small group instruction as needed by personal invitation in response to a request for help

12:30 to 1:45pm ~ Pre-algebra office hours, open invitation to all students

2 to 2:45pm ~ Geometry office hours, open invitation to all students

Evening office hours on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Contact methods:


Phone/text: 252-886-1178

Remind: Geometry students - Class code: 79aabc3

Pre-Algebra students - CLICK HERE

Meeting Space:

Zoom: Students will need a zoom account so they can join meetings for live interactions. I will announce meeting codes each day in classroom. Zoom will be available for Pre-Algebra during one time slot and Geometry during the other time slot.


Get More Math website: I will need to e-mail individual usernames and passwords to students to be able to access the Get More Math program.

Algebra/Math Nation: This can be accessed on computer device as well as on smart phone. No code is needed.