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Welcome to Ms. Rojas' classroom!

Dear Parents and students,

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to start this new chapter of learning with all of you! I know it will be a little challenging, but I promise that we will get thru this together. We will be able to video chat and interact with each other as often as we can. As anything new, if we need to modify things to make it easier and beneficial we will. So, hang in there, we got this!!

We will use Edmodo for the Business classes and Google classroom for ITV classes as our learning space. Please log-in to the classroom code for your assigned class period.

1st Period Technology Class – igkvzh

2nd Period Business Class- 3cecdy

3rd Period Business Class- 6kbxdr

Google Class

4th Period ITV- 4b7eptd

5th Period ITV- u7pthae

7th Period ITV- u0parby

Office hours:

Monday through Friday from 10am - 11am

Contact methods:


Video chat: Zoom