Ms. Bilal

(Mr. Guiel's former courses)

Welcome to our classroom!

Hello parents and students! I hope you all are staying safe during these unusual times. We will use Google classroom as our learning space. Please log-in to the classroom code for your assigned class period.

Google classroom codes are:

1st : 3nrm3hy

4th : bb2rs4v

5th : kxz7gti

7th : euxn6hi

8th : 5hcbkif

Office hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 2pm

Thursday from 1pm to 3pm

Please schedule an appointment if you need me outside of the above time frame.

Contact methods:

Email at

Phone via Google Voice at (863) 968-6642

Remind: I will use Remind to send class updates you can enroll in my class by texting BILALU to the number 81010. Or by going online to

Additional Information:


Assignments will be posted on Wednesday of every week by 9 am.

There will be two assignments one will be a discussion or writing assignment. The other assignment may consist of a reading assignment with a worksheets and/ or interactive activities.

These assignments MUST be turned in by 8:00 am the following Wednesday

Example: An assignment will be added on April 8th this assignment should be turned in on Wednesday April 15th